Saturday, July 24, 2010


Tonight we are headed to the pioneer picnic at the church. Everyone is responsible to bring their own dinner, and since we're feeling particularly lazy and not in the mood to cook in our already incredibly hot house, we're stopping at CPU on the way picking up pizza by the slice. It really is a life saver...that way everyone can get what they want without having to order 4 different pizzas. Cheese for Lucy, Pepperoni for Max, Hawaiian for me and all-of-the-above for Tyler. And the slices are big enough that one is enough for each of the kids. Love it. Only problem is, there's tons of garlic in the sauce and crust...bad breath. This post is written in advance of what's happening, so Tyler fears that I am predicting the future and it may not go so well...
My camera is not working for some reason, so we may not get pictures of the festivities tonight. Dang!

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