Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Into my bones

Last day.  How is it the last day?  I feel that relaxation has seeped deep into my soul.  

8 days in paradise.  






It's soaked in.  

And now my arms feel empty.  I need hugs.  I need slobbery baby kisses.  

So today I savoured every moment.  I lazed by the pool.  I swam in the ocean multiple times.  I finished my second book of the week.  I shopped.  I ate delicious food.  I sombrero'd it up.  I'm exhausted from relaxing.  I will sleep in this King-sized bed and enjoy heading to the airport tomorrow.  

With a plan to come back to Mexico for sabbatical.  I could definitely live here.  

When reality is better than you imagined.

The plan today was to enjoy the beach and the ocean for a few hours before the weather turned on us.  It was a great plan.  And even better than the plan for the day was the reality of the day.

We started down at the beach as planned.  Got a few chapters read with my feet up. 

The surf was so calm today.  And barely a breeze.  The ocean called to us...and we answered.  Yes. 

We swam.  Floated.  Laughed.  Walked.  Loved it. 

I insisted we play in the sand, even for a few minutes because it's the beach.  

We collected seashells.

Clouds started rolling in, so we moved up to the pool (in theory to rinse off)

The clouds rolled in...and then rolled out again.  So we stayed by the pool.  

Ate guacamole. 

It was fantastic.  But my few minutes out of the shade to build my sand turtle and collect shells was a few minutes too much and I ended up with a wicked burn on my legs...that appears to be getting more wicked as the day wears on.  

We finished the day relaxing in our room; going to the gym; and finally out to dinner.  

Casa Tequila.  It was delicious.  We shared the Mexican platter and enjoyed Tacos (beef and pork), quesadillas, enchiladas, stuffed peppers, Mexican rice, Limonada, and guacamole.  Finishing with coconut ice cream.  I will miss my Mexican food.  

So a plan for beach and ocean turned out to be good.  Better.  Best.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A day in Paradise

Today was definitely a day in paradise.  A day where you finish it exhausted and happy and fall into bed.  

Each day in Mexico has been beautiful and relaxing with nothing to do except eat and lay by the pool.  It took me a few days to get used to relaxing and I constantly felt like there was something I should be doing that I wasn't.  But I was doing exactly what was expected.  

But even relaxing can get tiring.  So today we made plans.  Plans feel good.  Especially when the plans consist mostly of relaxing...

The day started earlier than most as Tyler had to chair a meeting at 7am.  I tried to sleep longer but it just wasn't happening, so I got up and headed to the gym.  

Run! I'm so proud of myself - however I realized today that I'm running at sea level here and when I get home the elevation is much higher.  Bummer...

Our plan for today was to head to Akumal so Tyler and some of his friends could go diving.  We rented a van and headed out once everyone's morning obligations were taken care of.  

It's about an hour and 20 minute drive.  So we laughed and chatted all the way there.  Then the group went for their dive and Karen and I sat on a new beach to relax, read, visit, and drink fruity drinks.  So it was mostly the same plan in a different location but it was nice to have a plan.  

We were on a tight time schedule since everyone had work dinners to get back to but we grabbed a few tacos to go before leaving Akumal.  

We came back to the hotel to enjoy a beautiful Mexican sunset and a visit with our kiddos

Then it was our dinner at El Moterro with Tyler's Calgary team.  It was a restaurant we were wanting to try so we were excited to go...

Food was average.  Company was good.  And I had garlic shrimp which I enjoyed.  

And guacamole.  Can I live on guacamole?  Is that a valid life choice?  I'm seriously considering it...

Plus they had Mexican serenading band:

We finished the night with a walk through downtown so we could get some Haagen Daas.  

A great day.  Now I have fallen into bed exhausted and am looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow.  

With guacamole.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Even Steven

I went for a run.  Burned off some calories.  As many as I was willing to burn on the Sabbath.  

And then I went for dinner.  

I wish I was less willing to eat calories on Sunday too... Not so.  

I'll even have dessert...

Ice cream...while Tyler salivates over tres leche cake and churros...😒

Tension free

I ran like crazy.  My soul wanted to run more but my body wouldn't allow it.  So I took my sweaty self across the street to do some shopping.  

Bought me some chips for snacking and water bottles for rehydrating.  And maracas for a sweet Seth who like to shake things that make noise.  

My back aches by the time I was done so I came back to the room to change into my bathing suit and to spend some time relaxing by the pool.  

Lunch.  Today I was practical and had a Caesar salad for lunch but was immediately disappointed that I didn't choose fajitas.  When in Mexico, people!  When in Mexico! 

Shower.  Relaxing.  Meeting up with Tyler after his conferencing.  

There was a conference linger session out in the courtyard.  I stood on my feet for far too long and had to excuse myself to our room to relax my back before dinner.  

Too much relaxing is what's giving my back fried!  It's not used to all these loose muscles.  Where's my anxiety to keep me in check? 

We had dinner with 17 of Tyler's work associates at Mocambo (a seafood restaurant next door), where we enjoyed Piña Coladas and Limonada, guacamole, shark tacos and fajitas.  

I have to admit that it is one of the only work dinners I've been to that I actually enjoyed.  That's because we were sective of the 20 people who got an invite.  And we sat at the fun table.  

We keep eating dinner at 7:00 or later and it makes it hard to settle down for sleep anytime before midnight.  At least there's nothing pressing tomorrow.  

Let me look at my schedule...oh yes.  More reading.  More sunning.  More fruity drinks.  Sounds like a busy day. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Breakfast with a view

Tyler's in conference all day today.  

Paying for the trip I guess

So I'll have breakfast with a view

And head to the gym. 

A pictures worth a thousand...pesos?!

We had epic rain yesterday afternoon.  Hot heavy rain.  

And then we got a text from our bishop asking if we were alright...yes...? 

Apparently the biggest hurricane in recorded history is headed for Mexico.  It really is terrible.  Fortunately for us it's headed for the West Coast and we are on the East coast and nowhere close to its projected path.  

We went to Carlos and Charlie's again last night.  I was less enchanted with all the shenanigans and wished the waiters would just hurry up and bring me my food.  I guess someone was a little bit Hangry.  

On the way we were stopped by characters outside the Coco Bongo.  They offered to take our picture with us.  Sure!  We didn't have a camera the night before, so why not?!  

7 dollars is why not.  After a few minutes of overly friendly 'characters' standing too close for comfort, they insisted on a tip and we didn't have small change so they made off with $7.  That was supposed to be our tip money for the guacamole chef at Charlie's...I really love that guacamole.  

Hangry?  A little bit.  

So enjoy these photos bloggy-world.  They're worth a lot.  

I felt better after sharing fish tacos and some carne asana and shrimp fajitas.  And a beautiful creme brûlée for dessert.  Hangry turned into happy.